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My capabilities include but not limited to:

Sallyanne files current but if there are BACK YEARS, she has your back!   She will file all past years to come to a resolve, YOU MUST FILE ALL CURRENT AND BE IN COMPLIANCE FOR 5 YEARS IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE.  No promises on an amount but there will be resolve.  You will have peace of mind.  In some cases  lower taxes with installment or regular installment payments are negotiated.  There can be no promises.

Have the privilege as an Enrolled Agent to help “BUILD OR REBUILD: AMERICANS HEALTHY FINANCIAL LANDSCAPE”. I attempt to help some of the IRS and State agency "cold old cases" to give them a fresh start. While doing this the taxpayer will learn to reach a healthier rung on their financial ladder. Some have suffered losses and are starting the climb up one rung at a time. Still, others just want someone who takes ownership and acts in urgency to scenarios, researches, and resolves.  Americans have been overwhelmed by automatic computerized notices, some sent in error. I teach my clients never to "ignore" any notice. My strength is research and going out on a limb as long as it promises a greater chance of winning on its merits.  Having 10 companies run with the help of a small family.  There are ins and there are outs in small business.  Especially small family operated businesses.  But as hard as it is, the children grow into themselves and  learn to work.  Believe me, they are only children a short time, but work is for a long time.  Sometimes it is what you let in and what you don’t push out that makes the difference between red or black lines.   I consult small businesses to prevent certain negative scenarios.

  • Current/past tax return filings

  • Amended tax returns

  • Offers in Compromise

  • Tax agency letters

  • Abatement's, Levies, Garnishments

  • Business Start up

  • Negotiations during marital or divorce financial settlements including, "when you have children you are parents forever."

  • Consulting

  • Review of Business Record Keeping

  • Review of Privacy and Document Retention

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